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Summer time to curl up with a good book
by Mary Greene

The River Reporter, May 22, 2003

When we think of summer reading, we think of long, deliciously seductive tales that tantalize our souls even as the warm summer breezes are tantalizing our senses...

If you have not already gotten your copy of “The Patience of Rivers” (W.W. Norton), find, beg, borrow, steal or buy one today. This classic summer novel is enhanced by the fact that it takes place in the fictional town of Delaware Ford on the Delaware River in the summer of 1969. Its wonderful summer scenes of the river and its valley are anchored by the travails of young Nick Lauria, who has to sort out what it all means at a time when the rules for growing up are being rewritten. Without even moving from the hammock you can take your own little magical mystery tour back in time. You’ll meet yourself there, along with plenty of friends.


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