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The Patience of Rivers
by Lawrence Rungren

Library Journal

In 1969, Nick Lauria is spending his last summer at his family's upstate New York home before leaving for college. Much is the same in his life-he is still canoe racing with Charlie Miles, his best friend and the son of Ted Miles, his father's business partner, and still working at the family campground. Yet much is changing. His parents' marriage has become strained, there are intimations that something is very wrong with Ted's business dealings, and Nick has become involved with Darlene Van Vooren, daughter of the town banker.

Beyond that, it's the summer of Woodstock. Rumors are flying about the big music festival about to happen not far from town. Everything comes to a head during the festival weekend when Nick's plans to attend are dashed because his father needs him to help deal with the crowds at the campground. Yet out of this disappointment comes an unexpected pleasure.

This is an appealing coming-of-age tale set to a classic rock soundtrack. Recommended for public libraries.

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